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About Us

We are an experienced Norwegian Sea Kayak organiser

We can facilitate a self-guided tour where we contribute with tips and ideas for a trip or detailed and specific plans for the trip. In addition we can offer participation in a tour with a guide. When we stand for the most part, although it will be possible adjustments before and during training.

It is possible to add up to courses in advance of the trip, no matter what type of trip is chosen.

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The scope of the tours (both self-guided and guided) will be from a few hours to several days.

Many of our tours take place on Northern or Central Helgeland within municipalities Rødøy, Lurøy, Rana, Vefsn, Leirfjord, Alstahaug, Dønna and Herøy. Some of the tours are predetermined, while others carried on request and can take place elsewhere in Helgeland.

Sea kayaking can be combined with other types of activities such as the summit, climbing, cycling mm.

From the innermost fjord and to the utmost cutting there are countless opportunities for sea kayaking.

There will be a number of areas that are suitable for beginners. Other areas I would discourage beginners to take themselves out since it will require skills far beyond what a beginner possess.

However the special area that it need not be large distance between these areas. The paddle outside of an area will set completely different requirements for the paddler than to paddle inshore. For a kayaker can contents of a tour largely determined on the basis of the area that the trip will be added. The classification of the type of trip is based on the most difficult part trip and possibly the offshore migration to be paddled.

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It is important to emphasize that since we spend relatively far offshore may rapidly changing weather make a tour of the best summer into something else entirely. For that reason, we reserve the right to change the route selection.

  • Level 1 (Category 1-2 Sea / novice). Tours taking place on seas that are protected and not particularly susceptible to wind and weather. The area is little prone to power and it is relatively easy to get to shore. It’s easy to get land-based help and often close to the road.
  • Level 2 (Category 2-3 Sea / further come). Tours that take place with short Oceancrossing. The area may be susceptible to wind and currents of moderate nature. There will opportunities to find good landing conditions, but it may mean that it must cover some paddling and exploration. In parts of the site it will be possible to land-based or sea-based means.
  • Level 3 (Category 3 Sea / experienced). Tours taking place in waters that are exposed. It can be compared to longer Oceancrossing and or in terms of conditions related to wind and current. Landing Area for kayaks can be hard to find, and the areas that are can be difficult to find and access.
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