Theme Trips

Specialty Tours For paddlers who want to get something more out of the paddle tour than just paddling in beautiful surroundings (and scenery), a theme tours be an option. It with a culture and Nature as we are a part, provide sea kayaking a broader and deeper content. We employ people who can tell and […]

Sea kayaker 2.

Education as Seakayaker 2 is not based in courses, but skill based. It involves the requirement of documented practices and skills in different parts of sea kayaking. Approval (authorization) as Seakayaker 2 is prerequisite for admission to programs within sea kayak instructor and sea kayak guide. Seakayaker 2 Certification as Seakayaker 2 obtained after Skill […]

Sea kayaker 1.

Education as Seakayaker 1 consists of four modules within the Recreational Paddle. Each module has a scope of à 6-8 h. The modules can be taken as independent units and in any order, although we recommend that module 1 & 2 taken before Module 3 & 4. • Seakayaker 1 consists of four (Recreation Paddle) […]

Sea kayak guide

Sea kayak guide education consists of 4 parts with focus instruction, guiding, seamanship, 1. Help, skills. In addition there are requirements for practice.

Recreational Paddler

Education as Recreational Paddle consists of up to 4 modules. Each of the modules contains relevant techniques that are central to sea kayaking and build on each other. In addition there is a special focus in each module. Recreational Paddle Within Recreational Paddling there are 4 modules of 6-8 h. • Module 1, Basic Skills […]

Sea kayaking Instructor

Instructor training in sea kayaking consists of 4 parts with focus Instruction, seamanship, 1. Help, skills. In addition there are requirements for practice.

Tinderangling tours

TINDERANGLING TOURS The coast of Helgeland is by many people known as one of the most beautiful coastlines in Norway. Paddlers often look upon this coastline as a unique and exceptional Eldorado to go seakayaking. As Simon Willis wrote (Ocean Paddler): «A unique set of features makes Helgeland a special place to sea kayak. Sheltered […]

Tours for experienced

The tours takes place at sea which can be somewhat susceptible to (moderate) weather, waves and wind (C2/3-S). Requires certification (min) as a Seakayaker 1 or equivalent. Paddling takes place in areas that are sheltered, but has some areas and crossings that can be exposed to the weather. It may imply that in some stretches will be a […]