Education as Recreational Paddle consists of up to 4 modules. Each of the modules contains relevant techniques that are central to sea kayaking and build on each other. In addition there is a special focus in each module.

Recreational Paddle
Within Recreational Paddling there are 4 modules of 6-8 h.

• Module 1, Basic Skills in sea kayaking. The module will give you knowledge about sea kayak and relevant equipment to the kayak, yourself, and for safety at sea. In the module, special emphasis is on that you will control your actions. Price including equipment kr. 1.400, –

• Module 2, Treatment of sea kayak under varying conditions. The module will teach you effective techniques both in terms of propulsion and maneuvering. Price including equipment kr. 1.400, –

• Module 3, Rescue Techniques. The module will teach you effective techniques for rescue. Different techniques to save others and them selves. Price including equipment kr. 1.400, –

• Module 4, Safe and secure sea kayaking. The module examines the factors and circumstances that are important for sea kayaking will become a secure and safe activity. Price including equipment kr. 1.400, –

o Modules may be taken in random order for those who have paddling experience, but we recommend for beginners that modules be keen order.
o Implementation of the modules is planned so that module 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 module takes over a weekend.
o Issued Paddle Card (Wet Card) after first module recreational paddler (6-8 h) is passed.
o (Corresponding courses in NPF courses ladder; Module 1 -> Introduction (Introduksjon) Course to sea kayaking and Module 1 & 2 -> Basic Course (Grunnkurs) to sea kayaking. However goes our courses beyond the NPF defines as content in an equivalent course).

Recreation Paddle Module 1 & Module 2 will be arranged at Nesna, Tomma, Tonnes, Solværøyan (Sleneset) and Lovund.

Recreation Paddle Module 3 & Module 4 will be arranged at Lovund and Solværøyan (Sleneset).