Education as Seakayaker 2 is not based in courses, but skill based. It involves the requirement of documented practices and skills in different parts of sea kayaking. Approval (authorization) as Seakayaker 2 is prerequisite for admission to programs within sea kayak instructor and sea kayak guide.

Seakayaker 2

Certification as Seakayaker 2 obtained after
Skill Assessment, paddle technical skill level (PTF5)
Paddle Practice with at least 200 km Category 1-3 sea (C1/3-S). Of which 100 km are in Category 3 sea (C3-S).

Technical Paddling Skills (PTF5)

Personal Paddling Skills: Launching and landing, Efficient and effective manoeuvring and Control, Efficient and effective forward and reverse paddling, Navigation at sea, Rolling

Safety and Rescue: Knowledge of different rescues Technics, Efficient and effective rescue skills, Efficient and effective self-rescue, Efficient and effective methods of towing

Safety, Leadership and Group Skills: Skillful application of leadership principles, Appropriate leadership strategies, judgement and decision making, Safety awareness and risk management, Group control and management, Appropriate concern and welfare for group members, Capability to manage a range of incidents, Provide guidance members of the group due to skills and paddling conditions

Theory: Equipment and design, Safety, Weather, Wellbeing, health and first aid, Access, Environment, Planning, Group awareness and management, General knowledge, Navigation, Basic knowledge of collision and sound signals, Leadership responsibilities, Water features and hazards,