Instructor training in sea kayaking consists of 4 parts with focus Instruction, seamanship, 1. Help, skills. In addition there are requirements for practice.

• Havpadleinstruktør
• Professional instructor sea kayaking,
o Part 1, coursing
Admission to courses.
Implementation of instructor training.
Skill Assessment, paddle technical skill level 5 (PTF5).
o Part 2, practice
After completing instructor are required practice.
16 training days and completion of Module Courses 1-4 (Leisure Paddle). The full range of modular courses shall be conducted twice. Instructor practice must be logged.
Paddle Practice with at least 200km Category 1-3 sea (K1-3-H), where at least 100 km on Category 3 oceans (C3-H). Paddle practice must be logged.
Have completed advanced courses in first aid (eg “Wilderness First Responder” w / CPR).
Have completed and approved VHF courses.
o Approval
Passed instructor exam.
Written recommendation of their instructors.
Must submit to NHKGIF papers (logs, recommendations, skill approval, etc.) for approval and issuance of certificate of authorization.