Specialty Tours
For paddlers who want to get something more out of the paddle tour than just paddling in beautiful surroundings (and scenery), a theme tours be an option. It with a culture and Nature as we are a part, provide sea kayaking a broader and deeper content. We employ people who can tell and give insight into the culture and can tell you about the history of these vigorous communities.

For photo enthusiasts will be many motives. It is fascinating about the areas where land meets the sea. Even a slight turn can help to take you to areas that are special. Whether it is the contrast between the calm seas and steep mountains, or whether it is the play of colors that gives the strongest experiences are uncertain. The light can be special and different seasons have different characteristics. Whether it concerns the sun bright days, the sunset and its touch in the sea before sunrise or a walk in the evening light, this space always helps to create the special moods. We find different designs and look at them with different angles, creating moods we try to capture through the optics.
Participation in these trips presupposes that the paddler a skill level equivalent Leisure Paddle (NPF Basic Sea Kayaking) or experience kayaker. We aim for meal breaks during the trips. Any accommodation can occur in association with our partners (Ocean, Langneset or Lovund Rorbuhotell). Alternatively, there may be up to trips with overnight to catch us tonight mood and / or the new day which originated.
The trip can be extended to include a basic course over 3-4 hours. Eventually it will be possible to go through rescue techniques and other aspects related to it to make paddling a safe and secure activity.

Midnight sun in kayak
Period June and July.

The design of Helgeland has created a diversity of venues that are suitable for conducting various kinds of outdoor activities. The content-rich archipelago as the Thousand Islands sea really is, give us kayakers many areas that are ideal for sea kayaking. Paddling in this archipelago under high mountains and among different types of birds gives us the experience of being part of the adventure.

On Helgelandskysten we have midnight sun in the summer months. The paddle out to sea with the warmth of the sun on your face at night and the night gives a special feeling. At sunset replaced directly by sunrise can be fascinating to watch and not least experience. A feeling reinforced by the nature and even go on a ‘lower’ pulse and at a slower pace. Birds and animals take ablution before resting place for the night included. It seems even as if the ocean gets warmer and kinder when day turns into night. Paddle tour thus becomes an experience beyond the sea, but also inside yourself. As kayaker get fast feeling of being small in this large landscape. Yet you’re a part of it all.
Kayaking Tour in “Midnight Sun’s kingdom” can have different starting point. We organize walks starting from (mostly) different locations within municipalities Nesna and Lurøy. Without paddle will be selected in relation to the wind and waves as well as the participants’ skill level. The prerequisite for attending this trip is that participants have paddling experience necessary courses Leisure Kayakers or equivalent (Basic Sea Kayaking).

Period March / April, June, July and August.
Helgelandskysten grand and eventful nature has much more to show than to be a fantastic arena for sea kayaking. The numerous islets and islands provide proximity to the ocean’s pantry that gives life conditions for a variety of animals and birds.
In many of the areas we find populations and colonies of different bird species. Where small boats and other vessels must give way to areas with “boot depth” take a sea kayak out safely along. This we use when we facilitate various tours to see some of these birds. It means that we exploit sea kayak properties to get to these “pristine” areas. The relatively silent traffic we undertake enables us comes close to both birds and animals. We will not necessarily unnoticed into these somewhat shy birds, but we make up less threats than others. This applies to both the eagle, owl, puffin, kittiwake or other bird species it is focused on.
The different tours have different scope. The scope of the paddle tour is at 4 – 8h. However, flights will be time to get up to “target” so that total will take between one to two days depending on how the trip goes and what birds we shall experience.

Puffin Safari. The tour goes to Puffin island Lovund. We start paddling at Lovund Rorbuhotell and paddle on the west side of the island. Here we will paddle with birds around and over us. In addition to the puffins we usually spot a variety of other bird species. We also adds up to a trip up the Lovund Mountain. The alternative is a trip around the island on foot.

Eagle safari. The tour goes to Solværøyan. Basically from Langneset and we paddle north and west. Here we seek out areas where there are a lot of eagles (among other things). It will usually also be a variety of other seabirds that we will get close. In addition to paddle tour and photography, we will add up to a trip to Ulvøya where we will ascend Ulvøyhåjen (highest point of 33m). The alternative is a trip to Svenningen.