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The tours takes place at sea which can be somewhat susceptible to (moderate) weather, waves and wind (C2/3-S). Requires certification (min) as a Seakayaker 1 or equivalent. Paddling takes place in areas that are sheltered, but has some areas and crossings that can be exposed to the weather. It may imply that in some stretches will be a bit challenging to get to shore. Distance to road (and buildings) that allows aid and assistance or retreat across countries is possible but will take some time.

Trips will be planned in relation to the participants. Focus on the tour is the experience and proximity to water and land, as well as all, the bird and animal life.

We provide sea kayaks complete with equipment and otherwise the equipment that you need.
The trip takes place with single kayaks (K1), but it is possible to use double kayaks (K2).
Paddling takes place in a touringspeed of 3-6 km/h and it is envisaged breaks along.
The tour takes you to areas that may not be easily available for other vessels. Focus on experience.
The tours that go over a few hours can be chosen to have the same start and end point, or may be based on different start and end point, and use other transportation in between.

For trips over two or three days we conduct either tour like Seanomads who moves or the message in a base camp. The accommodation can happen in tents / lavo or fisherman / camping / motel / hotel.
3-6 h trip
Arranged on the basis of from Tomma, Solværøyan or Lovund.
6-8 h day
Arranged on the basis of from Tomma, Solværøyan or Lovund.
2-3 day trip
Option 1
Arranged as Seanomads we move from Island to Island. The trip takes place as a Outdoor activity with accommodation in tents or lavo and where the participants themselves are responsible for the food.
Option 2
Arranged with tours that emanates the basis basecamp. Accommodation can be outdoors or in relation to camping / motel / hotel with one of our collaborators.
The tours can be arranged on the basis of from Tomma, Solværøyan or Lovund.